Our Leather Craft Journey

When we started BaileysBespokeLeather, all we wanted were everyday items that we, ourselves, would want to own...

A belt that had reliability on our modest adventures. A cardholder that had genuine use but simple functionality. And lastly, a carry item crafted from the most durable materials that create true character over time. 

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We consider working with our hands and making something from scratch a form of escapism. From stress. Anxiety. Noise. And the everyday hussle.

So in late 2019, we embarked on our leathercraft journey.

Starting with some off cuts of leather, some sewing thread and a flick knife, we thought we were on to something quite special.

However, after many initial attempts, we soon realised that hand-crafting such an item was going to be a wild ride. One that led us through prototyping and redesigning for hours and crafting some quite comical things. However every time we left our workshop, we walked away with more leather craft knowledge and experience.

We were determined to craft something that we would want to own.

So after 14 months of planning, practice, and perfecting our items, we are proud to announce that BaileysBespokeLeather now stands for reliable, traditionally hand-crafted leather goods, constructed from the finest leather and materials available worldwide.

Designed and hand-crafted for the modest adventurer.

Our Leather Belts

Here at BaileysBespoke we have carefully sourced the highest quality Italian leathers to ensure our leather belts have maximum durability. As well as using solid brass buckles and rivets to create a strong design.

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Sedwicks Bridal Leather Belt
Regular price £75.00
Oban 32 Navy Leather Belt
Regular price £59.00
Oban 32 Tan Leather Belt (Pre Sized)
Regular price £59.95 £38.00
Oban 32 Brown Leather Belt
Regular price £59.00

Our Leather Cardholders

Designed to last a lifetime our leather cardholders are hand sewn using the traditional saddle stitch method. Each stitch is made up of two strong, independent stitches meaning that if a thread does break through wear and tear, then the saddle stitch will still hold together.

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The Minimalist Wallet - Tan
Regular price £55.00
The Classic Bifold Wallet - 1 of 1
Regular price £120.00 £100.00

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