Over 200 Hats Donated to Local Homeless Shelter: 2020-21 Baileys Bespoke Charity Work

Over 200 Hats Donated to Local Homeless Shelter: 2020-21 Baileys Bespoke Charity Work

Keeping heads warm, together

In October 2020 we decided we wanted to do something to give back to our local community in West Sussex. So we launched of our #KeepWarm campaign where for every Baileys Bespoke hat purchased, we donated a warm wooly hat to our local homeless shelter! 

We chose a local homeless charity Turning Tides, who are the largest provider of support for homeless men and women in West Sussex. Working alongside their brilliant team we knew that every hat would be distributed to the right place, to help those in need.

It was something close to our hearts and represented just one of the many ways we love to give back to our community - especially as the global pandemic of Covid was still continuing to take its toll on people in the UK. 

Over the Christmas period our hat sales soared, meaning so did our hat donations! And so by October this year (2021), with your help, we have been able to donate over 200 hats to Turning Tides. 

It's something we are super proud of and can't wait to support even more local charitable organisations! 

 Baileys Bespoke Hats Donated to Homeless Shelter


Started in 1991 by a group of Christians in Worthing, Turning Tides is now the biggest provider of services for single homeless people in West Sussex. We continue to grow and develop our services to meet the needs of the local area – with over 5,000 supporters, 300 volunteers and 140 staff.

We know anyone’s life can unravel into homelessness. So we bring together compassionate individuals and organisations who work tirelessly to transform the lives of people in our local community and to change perceptions of homelessness.

We provide a warm, safe space to listen to anyone who comes to us for help. We provide real pathways out of homelessness and are committed to supporting people at every stage of their journey. The breadth of our services empower people experiencing homelessness to become confident and find the strength and belief in themselves to create a brighter future.

Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can end local homelessness.

Find out more about Turning Tides.


Turning Tides Charity West Sussex


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